This Is What We Woke Up To.

by Messes

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Recorded August 2012.


released August 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Messes Somerset, Kentucky

a band


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Track Name: My Dad Calls It Riptide
I've been through this hell/
I can't get a grip.

My mom tells me to pray more/
my dad just stopped talking altogether.

I'll call when I grow up.
I'll act like a whole new person.
I could finally go into the store without
an upper or a reasurance that my
friends still give a shit.

But the whole time
I was just a nervous little shit.
nothing to care for
or a shoulder to turn on.
so i packed up my guts up off
the floor and spilled them all over
my loved ones.

you'd quit me
if you had the chance.
just like me/ I quit you.

it's so goddamn calming
crying over him or her
or not knowing where i'll end up.
I could just play along.
Track Name: We Prefer Kickflips
this isn't some cry for help/
or a way to fit in.

I can't make it home/
I couldn't see the road
through my clinched fists/
and the pathetic lump in
my throat.

I don't feel normal anymore
I never really did in
the first goddamn place.

I'll never be like him or her.
the son of a pastor/
the kid to never hear
that his father was proud.

I tried to pray
ended up writing down
everyone and everything
I forgot to give a shit about.

But at least I'm not
angry anymore.
Track Name: This Isn't The First Time That The Wind Blew Trash In My Face
If you had the chance/
to fix the things you do/
to fix who you are/
would you?
or could you bare/
knowing you've become
so emotionally detached
from everyone and everything
you've ever loved.

I'd like to think I would.
But on these nights/
I just pull my car to the
side of the road and
cry/ until my dad calls
and tells me "son,
it's time to come home."

but my heart just stops.
my fingers won't let me go
forward/ I try to say " I'M SORRY"
for the last time.
just like the last time.

maybe I'll never understand
why I lose control/ or why I can't
find comfort in sex or god or
your pretty little smile.
It's been gnawing at my insides.
I need to untie my guts from this
knot inside my stomach and throat
it's my last bit of honesty.