The Sounds Your Basement Made

by Messes

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Recorded early 2013. Stairwell, sunroom, bedroom.

Thank you to our best friends, our parents, anyone who has ever booked a show, every band we've ever played with, Emma, Fudge and Fenway.

Listen to Normandy.


released May 17, 2013



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Messes Somerset, Kentucky

a band


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Track Name: Slumber Party
I know this whole time, I've been wrong.
But I swear to god, that I'll make this right.
But you can't blame me, I only acted how you raised me. See I threw up my shell, got so angry and scared. I'm not the man I should be, I'm just the fuck you never wanted me to be.
So I sit and I stare, hoping to stop talking or maybe breathing.
So I sit, figure out why I do the things I do.
That's what I do when I'm alone.

I swear one day I'll make you proud.
Track Name: All Of These Teeth
I realized what death was as a little kid
sitting in that pew, crying to my mom.
Begging her.
To never die.
Having the courage of a coward, of a fucking kid.
Waking up to a phone call,
your brother just witnessed a murder.
And all you can think of is the noise
that will keep you awake tonight.

I was told not to be afraid of life or death, but all I can think of is how soon it ends.
Track Name: There's No Good Sharks?
When you caught me crying in the living room, you asked me "is everything okay?"
I told you I didn't know.
I couldn't afford to eat, my body wouldn't let me in the first place.
I broke down.
Tried to comprehend all the shit that I've done, all the people I ever knew.
I'll probably never get this right, begging for something to say.
But these people keep me from holding up in a bed, with sheets like armor.
I hope you don't quit some pathetic fuck like I've become.
Track Name: Last Day Of Summer Camp
I hope you don't quit on me.